All popups now feature animations, which you can now access from the popup editor. Animations are a powerful way to grab the attention of your website visitors and enhance the popup experience.

Advanced Settings

Access the Advanced Settings menu by clicking on the paint palette, and then clicking "Advanced Settings".


Popup placement gives you the ability to choose where your popup will appear on the page. You can place your popup in one of nine positions which will be reflected in the editor. You can also toggle to set the width to 100% of the page, which will allow you to place your popup at the top or bottom of the page.

The "stick to the page" toggle when on will keep the popup on screen. If switched off, the popup will disappear as the visitor scrolls on the page. This is switched 'on' by default.


Animation options allow you to set an animation, and choose its direction and duration. You can also preview how each animation will look on the page. Animations can be set for both entry and exit.

Types of Animation

There are three types of animations: slide, fade and fold. The slide animation will slide the popup onto the page from the direction that you choose, the fade animation will cause the popup to fade into or out of focus when it is triggered and the fold animation causes the popup to fold into view like the opening of a book. You can set the direction of the popup animation for both slide and fold.

The duration of your animation is set in milliseconds. The less milliseconds you have, the faster the animation will happen.


The overlay setting lets you toggle a background color or image for the popup. The overlay is applied to all of the negative space around your popup. You can choose to set a colour, an image or both.

You can also set the transparency of the overlay which will adjust how visible your webpage is beneath it.

If you leave the overlay off, you will be able to interact with the page behind the popup while the popup is active. This is only applicable for opt-in bars and slide in popups.
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