Beginner to Personalization Tags

Personalizing your post entry page is a great way to connect with new leads right away by addressing them by their name. For example your post entry page might say “Thanks for downloading our ebook!” but you can customize it to automatically say “Thanks for downloading our ebook Bob!”

Here is a popular and simple way to personalize your post entry page:

Thank new leads for converting on your page by addressing them by their first name.

Add a form field to your entry form that asks for First Name

Go to your Thank You Page

Click on the text box that you want to add a personalized message
Click the “Merge Tags” icon

Populated will be your form fields to add the information collected on your Entry Page that you can show to the user on the post entry page, like First Name, Full Name, Email address etc.

For this example, next to “First Name” click “Insert this”. This will populate the Merge tag on your Post Entry page, “Thanks for downloading our ebook #{{first-name}}!”. Don’t worry about it showing like that on your post entry page in the campaign editor, once it goes live it will grab the name they entered on your entry form for the field “First Name” and pull it to show on the live post entry page as their actual name.

Make sure to format the mergetag on your post entry page to the same font style, font color and font size as the text its next to.

This is the live campaign, here I have entered my first name into the entry form as "Kevin"

Once I click "Enter" on the form I am brought to the post entry page where it addresses me by my first name.

Advanced Personalization Tags

Another way to use personalization tags is to address users on the entry page by their first name (for example). You can do this by grabbing that information from your existing email subscribers. For example if you have the first name collected and stored along with their email address in your email marketing providers database you can send a link to your landing page that addresses them on the landing page by their first name by pulling their first name from your email database onto the page that they click through to using the email providers merge tag for first name in the url.

Here is a popular and simple way to personalize your entry page:

Address new leads to your entry page by their first name so that the page you lead them to is personalized for them.

Click any area on your entry page (normally the header) to add where you want it to address the user by their first name

Within the brackets type 'url.' then the name of your merge tag

How to Create the Campaign URL

The tag you added as “first-name” will need to add to the URL of your campaign when you send it to your mailing list. Once you finish making your campaign live, we give you a link to the page.

Add the parameter “[]( (merge tag here)” to your link.

Login to your mailing list provider and search for their merge tag that equals to “First Name” (note: this will only work if you collected your mailing list subscribers first names as it will pull that information on to your page to address them)

Copy and paste the merge tag that equals First Name and paste it into your URL

In this example I am using the merge tag |FNAME| from MailChimp as I will be sending this page link to my MailChimp Subscribers. My link will look like this*|FNAME|*

Hyperlink the URL with the added paramter and merge tag to text or images in your email to subscribers.

Here I added the link to my URL:

Once they click on that link it will take them to your landing page addressing them by their first name. When I click on that link this is what I see:

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