Each one of your leads will have a number of information fields attached to their specific user profile. The number of fields that will be visible will depend on what amount of information you require from users on your contests, pop ups, landing pages, and coupons. If your require a Facebook login for entry into a campaign, Facebook data extracted using Facebook’s Open Graph will populate this area and can include information such as first name, last name, location, age, and gender. In the event that a user completes multiple campaigns on Wishpond, their lead profile will update with the most recent set of contact information provided.


The activity section will show a breakdown of your leads activity across all of your campaigns, workflows, and lists on Wishpond. By clicking on any of the activity sections, you’ll be able to get a more detailed look into what each activity event represents. This includes the specific emails a lead has been sent/opened/clicked and the campaigns they have visited/converted on.

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