Making changes to the default notification settings will allow you to control what types of notifications you will receive from Wishpond. By default all notifications regarding your account will be sent to both your Wishpond inbox and your email.

There are four main areas which notifications will be sent for:

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Notify me for events related to import and exports of files
Notify me for events related to campaigns
Notify me for any events related to my ads

“Notify me for events related to campaigns” is the most commonly disabled notification as it is responsible for emails regarding new leads. If you wish to disable this notification to your email, we would still suggest leaving on the notifications for your notifications inbox as that will only appear within Wishpond.

Once you’ve decided which notifications you want to disable, you can do so by sliding the green switch to the left to disable a notification setting.

To change your notification settings:

1)Click on your name from the top right of the wishpond dashboard

2) Click on “Account Settings” from the dropdown menu

3) Click on “Notification Settings” on the left

4) Click on the notification you want to disable. It will switch from green to grey.

5) Press “Save Changes”
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