Large portion of the questions that Wishpond Customer Success team receive everyday are often related to social media contests like photo contests, Instagram contests, and sweepstake contests. And here are the answers to some of most commonly asked questions: 

My contest on Facebook is displaying "Sorry, this content is not available"

The first thing you would need to check is making sure that you have the admin permission for your Facebook page. You can't publish any content on Facebook when your access level is something else, like an editor. If you are still experiencing an issue despite being an admin, it may be because your page's connection with your Facebook account has expired. 

You would need to follow the following troubleshooting steps to publish the page again. This troubleshooting steps would also apply to the case when your Facebook is not appearing as an option from the drop down menu.  

Go to Manage Apps on FB pages from the tab on your top right.

Remove connection with your campaign to your FB account.

Log out from Wishpond and FB.
Refresh Browser cache.
Log back into Wishpond. Republish your campaign on your FB page, but make sure to hit "REFRESH" button before you choose your FB.

Publish the campaign, and see if the issue is resolved. If you have followed these step, but still find problems with publishing the pages, please contact Customer Success department for help.

My Entries for Instagram Hashtag Contest is Not appearing!

Here are the top 3 reasons why they might not get displayed: 

The Instagram user account is set to private. If the account is set to a private account Wishpond is unable to access the images from that account even though all other requirements have been met. Unfortunately, this is completely out of control since images or entries from private profiles cannot be accessed in any way.
The entrant is not following all requirements (make sure that all the requirements that you have enabled in step 2 have been met by the entrant; are they following your Instagram account; have they used your Instagram handle in the caption etc. )
Sometimes the number of total entries can be a reason why the image is not being generated. You might have set a maximum number of entries in your Advanced Settings and the Instagram user has used up all of his entries and therefore, won’t be able to enter unless you increase the entry limit.

Why Can'��t People Access My Campaign On Mobile?

ou are probably using the wrong link to promote your campaign. Make sure to use the mobile accessible link, its a short link we give you.

If you are running your Campaign on Facebook the campaign lives within a tab on your page.

When you promote your campaign (in status updates, ads, etc.) you will want to use the “mobile accessible link”.

On Facebook mobile there are no tabs (that’s just the way Facebook is built) so our way around it is this link that you can use to promote your campaign so that mobile users can access your campaign.

How to get the link:

Once you make your campaign “Live” or “Scheduled”
Go to Campaigns
Click your campaign
Click the “copy” button next to your link to use

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