The multiple choice field is great for allowing users to choose one answer from a variety of options.

To set up a multiple choice field:

1) Select the form to open the Form Editor bar to the left.

2) Click "Add Field" and the green “Create a New Field” icon at the bottom of the editor.

3) Select "Multiple Choice" from the dropdown.

4) Insert the Field Name and Click on "Create"

5) Click on the form field and select "Edit". Fill in your field label and choice labels. If you want to add more choices you can press the "+" at the bottom of the popup to create a new field.

6) Configure your settings. If you want the field label displayed on your form select "Field Label" and choose the placement as "Top".

If you want this multiple choice field to be required (users cannot submit your form without completing it) enable this in the field settings and then click "Done"

7) You have successfully added a multiple choice field!
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