Overview and Editing Lead Properties

The Lead Properties section under the Leads tab, will show you all of your custom lead properties active on all of your Wishpond campaigns as well as the Default Lead Properties that were original present in Wishpond by default. This section will also display any Lead Property that have been created by an API (integration from another application).

If you click on the small settings wheel on the right of the individual property you can adjust the lead property name and the field type, but you won’t be able to change the key since that is the active identifier in use for that specific lead property.

What is a Global Lead Property?

Global Lead Properties are the contact information shared by each lead in your Wishpond account, such as Email and First Name.

This allows you to keep your lead’s information organized across different Campaigns and Lists.

For example, you can have one form with a field labelled “Your First Name” and a different form with a field labelled “Enter First Name” and have them both match to the same “First Name” Global Lead Property.

Create a Lead Property

You can create lead properties directly inside of the leads database.

To create a lead property:

Click on “Create Lead Property” on the left side of the Lead’s Database menu

Fill in your lead property name. Note that whatever you fill out will automatically be added to the lead property key.

3) Select the field type. Note: text is used to accept word submissions, number is used to collect numbers, date collects calendar dates, and boolean collects yes and no answers.

4) Press “Save”

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