Remember that last ad you saw on Social Media for a free offer? All that was required was to fill out a form to be the winner of a cool prize, discount, weekend for two, free pizza or something else? Did you enter or ignore it?

Contests are one of the easiest ways to get your fans and followers on social media engaged with your product and brand. While being easy, it is also a very effective method to drive new traffic to your page and capture leads. If done effectively email campaigns can help nurture them into lasting customers. Many of your competitors have seen this effective marketing strategy being a great success and you should too!

Wishpond offers 8 different contest types which can be used for your business.

Contests and promotions have different advantages so keep your goal in mind when choosing which type to run so you can benefit the most from it.  

For example sweepstakes are a great campaign to run as they have a lower barrier to entry usually consisting of an email address field. This makes people more likely to enter as it is easier to participate. 

For all of the different contests and how they're different from one another check out our Types of Contests guide.
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