Segment is a platform for developers to integrate APIs from multiple analytics providers into other applications. Segment makes it easy to send your data to Wishpond, which acts as a destination of your data that you have gained from other sources. 

The way that you set up Segment integration is simple. 

Once you have configured your sources, click "Add destination"

Select Wishpond from the list of destinations

Click "Configure to Wishpond"

Confirm your source, and enter your tracking key and merchant key

These keys can be found from your Wishpond dashboard, from API keys tab on the top right of the editor. But please keep in mind that these keys are only available to users who have "Everything You Need Plan" or above  

When you are all set, use the event tester to test your integration

That's it! For any additional information, you can also refer to articles from Segment:
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