Sometimes you might find yourself wondering why some of the entries are simply not appearing in your contest but are visible to you on Instagram.

Here are the top 3 reasons why they might not get displayed:

The Instagram user account is set to private. If the account is set to a private account Wishpond is unable to access the images from that account even though all other requirements have been met. Unfortunately, this is completely out of control since images or entries from private profiles cannot be accessed in any way.

The entrant is not following all requirements (make sure that all the requirements that you have enabled in step 2 have been met by the entrant; are they following your Instagram account; have they used your Instagram handle in the caption etc. )

Sometimes the number of total entries can be a reason why the image is not being generated. You might have set a maximum number of entries in your Advanced Settings and the Instagram user has used up all of his entries and therefore, won’t be able to enter unless you increase the entry limit.
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