Importing Shopify Customers

When you connect your Shopify store with your Wishpond account, all of your Shopify customers will automatically be imported into Wishpond as Leads.
If one of your Shopify customers has the same email as one of your existing Wishpond Leads, they will be considered the same Lead. Also, if any Lead Properties, such as First Name, differs between Wishpond and Shopify, the value in Shopify will overwrite the value in Wishpond
Since these Shopify customer will be imported as Leads, they will count towards your Lead Total.

Syncing Shopify Customers

Wishpond maintains a continuous one-way sync with your Shopify store while you have the integration enabled. This one-way sync only goes from Shopify to Wishpond, so if you get a new Shopify Customer, or an existing Shopify Customer places an order or is updated, then the Lead will be updated in Wishpond. But, if you update a Lead in Wishpond, it will not affect the Customer in Shopify.
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