Importing your Salesforce contacts into Wishpond is simple! Just follow these step by step guide to get your leads imported.

Step 1: Click on “Leads Database” from the top of your Wishpond Navigation Menu

Step 2: Click “Import Leads”

Step 3: Select Salesforce from the list of options and press “Connect with Salesforce”

Step 4: Name your Salesforce connection

Step 5: Press “Connect”

Step 6: Login to Salesforce

Step 7: Choose to add either leads or contacts

Step 8: Choose to add leads to either your “All Leads” section in the leads database or select the list you want to add them to in the drop down menu below.

Step 9: Match Your Salesforce formfields with a Wishpond lead property (example: First Name = First Name).

Step 10: Press Import

You have successfully imported your Salesforce contacts into Wishpond!
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