Are you trying to upgrade to a higher plan and wondering how the charges are being calculated? If that’s the case, continue reading below to find out why and how the charges are being prorated.

The best way to explain it is with an example:

Let's say we have started our Wishpond subscription on an annual Basic plan. We have paid the full price already which is $538 ($44 x 12 months).

Now, let’s say that our campaign has reached the maximum number of leads (in the case of a Basic plan that's 1000). Wishpond notifies me that I've reached my lead limit within the Campaign's dashboard. Here are the steps to upgrade and access the rest of my generated leads:

Navigate to the plans and billing tab


Select plans in the dropdown and click on the annual Pro Plan:

Once I click on Pro Plan you'll see...

Now, how does the system know what exactly to charge me?

It’s easy! I was already charged $538 for the annual Basic Plan. Based on the days I have used on the Basic plan the system will prorate the fees and as a result I will only get charged the remaining difference, or $403.

Let’s break it down:

Basic plan subscription April 1st, 2016 - April 1st, 2017 $538

Upgrade April 10th,2016 to Pro Plan $926

Pro rated amount / Unused time on Basic -$523

Alright, let’s find out what the unused time on Basic is first: 

We will first need to calculate the cost per day: 538 / 12 month = $44 per month and 44 / 30 days = $1.5 per day

We know that we have spent 10 days on the Basic plan so the cost for 10 days on Basic plan = $15 ($1.5 x 10 days)

We subsctract the used time on Basic which is $15 from the total time on Basic $538 and get -$523 as a result (credit towards Pro Plan and our unused time).

Charge to be placed for upgrade: $924 (Pro Plan) - $523 (Unused Time Basic) = $403
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