Mail merge tags are to fill in data based on what you know about your users. For instance you could use the Wishpond merge tag #{{first_name}} to pull a user’s first name into a sentence like “Hey #{{first_name}}!

The result could display something like “Hey Steve!” when a user reads your email since the merge tag would dynamically pull details based on what we already know about the user.

This can also work to pre fill forms however. By placing merge tags from a Mailchimp email in your pre filled form field URL, you can push through data you know about your users to a Wishpond form to make it easier to convert once they arrive on your form page.

To use mail merge tags from Mailchimp to send links to pre filled forms:

Click on the Wishpond campaign you want to send a pre-filled form URL to

2) Click “Edit”

3) Hover over the form and select “Edit Form”

4) Click more then select “Pre-Fill Form Fields”

5) Copy the pre-fill URL string and paste it into a word document

6) Go to Mailchimp, open the email editor and press “Merge Tags”

7) Click on all of the Merge tags you need and copy them down

Take the URL generated by Wishpond and replace [Insert Landing Page URL] with your campaign URL and “add_value” with the merge tags you just generated. Also ensure you delete any any fields you don’t want to prefill. For example, I deleted “&what-s-your-favorite-book=add_value” since that is not a field I will be pre-filling.



9) Copy this URL and paste it as a link in your email. In this example, I connected it to a button.

10) When users click on the link, Mailchimp will place the merge tags for your users into the pre-fillled URL and it will automatically load the form with part of their contact information filled. In this example, the form would look like this when a user clicks on the pre-filled link:

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