What is Dynamic Text Replacement

With dynamic text replacement you can easily personalize your Wishpond Landing Page and connect with your leads on a more personal level. You can address your leads by their name when visiting your Landing Page or

Dynamic Text Replacement on your Entry Page

Let me show you how easy it is using Wishpond’s Landing Page builder.

1.First, let’s pick the spot where we want to address our customers with their name. Navigate to where you want the first name to be displayed and click. The text editor will appear like this:

2.Within the text editor we need to navigate to the merge tag symbol.

Click on the merge tag symbol and select the merge tag that you wish to use. For the purpose of this article I’ll use first name.The merge tag first name will get added to our landing page template and it will appear like this:

If we choose a different merge tag then first name will get replaced with the relevant merge tag - other than that the liquid tag stays the same.

Let's say you want to use company name and happen to have a company name merge then your liquid tag will appear as such:


Back to our first name merge tag. Let's publish this Landing Page and see what happens.

Click on the Landing Page URL and Whoot Whoot! Our Landing Page recognizes me as a customer and says “Hello Kara” now.

Dynamic Text Replacement on your Post Sign Up Page

We can also enter / convert in our form on our entry page and have all of the lead’s information displayed on our Thank you Page which will make it easier because we do not have to necessarily have to have the information collected already in our data base because remember, we can only populate merge tags on the Entry Page if that data is known in our data base.

For this we will simply need to navigate to our Thank You page within the Landing Page editor.

On our Thank you page we can now again choose where to place our merge tags.

For the purpose of this article I’ll just thank my lead for converting and add their first name to make it more personal.

Once again, I click on the text that I wish to edit and my text editor appears. I navigate to the merge tag symbol and add my “First Name” merge tag to the template like this:

On our Thank you page we will definitely be able to address a lead by its first name since they are converting our form and we collect the information the moment the lead enters.

On our entry page it may appear that the first name won’t show. Now, why is that? It’s simply because we do not have that information available quite yet about that visitor. In my case, I am an existing customer in the Wishpond database so my first name has been sitting somewhere in the database and got generated therefore.

You can also use super cool filter with liquid tag such as capitalizing the first letter of your first name.

Here are some more helpful filters:

#{{lead.first_name | capitalize}} will capitalize the first letter of your First Name

#{{lead.first_name | upcase}} will print to the user in upper cases only

And of course there are many more! Just email us at **support@wishpond.com** if you have any questions about how to personalize your Landing Page more effectively!

I did a quick test and wanted to have my first name capitalized so I used #{{lead.first_name | upcase }} and got this on my Landing Page:

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