It is possible to trigger a Popup on the Thank You page of a campaign.

This process requires the use of Custom Javascript code and so you will need to have Custom Javascript feature available on your subscription plan.

1) The first step is to create a Popup campaign and publish it using the Javascript Trigger option in the Display Options of the popup campaign. Then copy the Popup Open code.

2) This is the code that you will need to add in the Custom Javascript editor of the campaign where you want to trigger the Popup on the Thank You page. You will need to replace the highlighted part of this code with the Popup code you copied in the previous step. Then copy the full code.

//Social Buttons
myVar = setInterval(function(){
if(window.location.href.indexOf('participated') > -1){
//Run some code on thank you page
Wishpond.perform('showPopup', 2468755);

3) Publish the Landing Page or Contest campaign for the changes to take effect. Please note, this function cannot be tested in the Preview mode because Javascript codes only work on Live campaign pages. You can go to the Live page and convert on the campaign to go to the Thank You page and the Popup should get displayed.
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