To start creating your newsletter click 'Email Automation' then 'Email Newsletters' in the dashboard and choose 'Regular Newsletter'.

Now set the Conditions to trigger sending the newsletter. 

There are a number of different conditions you can use including 'Camapaigns' or 'Lead Property'. 

For this example lets set up a newsletter specific to if a lead has converted on a campaign. 

To set this up first click 'Campaign' and then select the campaign

You can also check how many leads will be included in this segment by clicking 'Check how  many Leads currently match these conditions'

Now that we've set the conditions to target the leads receiving the newsletter we can get started making the newsletter email. 

Scroll down and fill out the Email name, subject line, From name, email address and reply email address.

Then click 'Next' in the top right corner 

Select a template for your newsletter

Then edit the newsletter.

You can change the Body, Structure and Content of the newsletters dragging the elements on the page. 

They can be deleted by clicking the garbage icon or duplicated by clicking on the boxed icon. 

In the right side panel you will also be able to further customize and edit the elements

Once you're newsletter is complete click on 'Preview and Test' to view how it will appear once sent.

Once completed and ready to send click 'Finish'. 

Schedule when you'd like it to send, or send it right away

Your newsletter will then send at the scheduled time.
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