Internal emails can be used to send notifications when users complete a specific set of conditions in an Automation Workflow. For video course link regarding this topic, click here:

Examples of Internal Emails could be:

Emails notifying of a new lead
Emails forwarding contact information from contest participants
Emails Alerting when users have completed a specific workflow
How to send an Internal Email

Go to 'Email Automation' and click on 'Automation Workflow' on left hand side
2) Click on "Standard Workflow"

3) Add conditions depending on your purposes

4) For example, choose campaign to send an internal email when someone converts on this campaign.

5) Click on 'more' in the action tab, then 'Send Internal Email'.

6) You can use the pre-existing email, or create a new one

Click on 'Launch' when your internal email workflow is good to go!
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