Email notifications are great to let you or your team know when people are converting on your campaigns. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to setup an email notification.

1) Decide which campaign you want to send your email notification from. For this example, I’ll be setting it up based on my Island Tours campaign.

2) Click “Marketing Automation” on your top navigation bar

3) Once inside the Marketing Automation dashboard, click on “Automation Workflow” under the category “create a new”.

4) On Choose a Workflow, click "Standard Workflow"

5) Inside of the workflow conditions, click “campaign”

6) Choose the campaign you want to set up notifications for, and set the frequency and number of times users need to complete the campaign in order to trigger the automated email (for most cases leave the default settings).

7) Click “Save”

Scroll down to the actions area and select “Internal Email” from the category “More”

9) Enter the emails for who you would like to receive this notification

10) Click “Create New Email”

11) Enter your email subject line, from name and from email address

12) Compose your email

13) Click on “Merge Tags” to add in form fields that users entered on your form.

14) Add the merge tags based on what fields you asked for on your popup

15) Repeat this step until all your fields are listed. When you are finished, press “Finish” on the top right of the editor.

16) Click “Launch Workflow” on the top right

18) Name your workflow and click “Finish”

You have successfully set up an email notification for users converting on your popup campaigns!
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