There are two ways to send users a file (or a lead magnet) after they submit on your pop up. This guide will walk you through two methods, a URL redirect method and a post email option.

How to send users a file when a lead converts

In your campaign editor, hover over the form and click Edit Form

2) Click on the Button, and in the toolbar that appears select the 'Click Action' icon.

3) Click on the '+' icon

4) Choose 'Download File' from the options

5) Then either select a file from your upload gallery or choose to upload a new file

6) The download file will now be set to download when the form is entered

How to send users a file using the Post Email Option

If you want to send your users who converted on your campaign an email containing the download, you can follow these step-by-step instructions on how to get set up.

1) Click “Marketing Automation” from the top of your navigation bar

2) Click “Automation Workflow” underneath “Create a New”

3) Under Conditions, click “Campaign”

4) Select your form campaign from the drop down menu

5) Press “Save”

6) Scroll down to the Actions section and click “Send and Email”

7) Click “Create New Email”

Fill out your Email Name, subject line, From Email Address, and Reply To Email Address

9) Edit the content of your email and then select “upload file / image”

10) Click the “File Upload” button to open up the file manager, or drag your file into the upload file area

11) Once your file has been uploaded, click “Insert Link”

12) Place your download link within your email and then press “Finish” on the top right

13) Click “Launch Workflow”

The email with your download link will now be sent to every lead who converts on your form.
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