When designing your landing page it's important to always keep in mind the goal of your campaign. There are three common types of landing pages with the purpose of directing sales, generating leads, and building relationships. 

There are some key factors to consider when designing your page to optimize for conversions. This includes:

Easy navigation - Keep the page layout simple, make it easy for people to see what they need to do
Bullet points - Online visitors have a short attention spam, make it easy for people to see the benefits of what you're offering
Whitespace - Clean design to draw attention to your Call To Action
Image - Use good quality telling images
Complementary (and contrasting colors) - Use complementary color schemes on the page, with contrasting Call To Actions
Above the fold - Add your Call to Action on the page so they do not have to scroll.

Once you design your page  a common method to determine if it is optimized is to run an A/B test. 

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a strategy used in marketing where two versions, A and B (the control and treatment) are tested against each other. The versions usually only have one key element different, this helps determine exactly what is causing the different results. 

With Wishpond's A/B testing half of your page's traffic are sent to the original (A) and half to the variation (B).  

Examples of A/B tests include:

Countdown timers vs. no countdown timers
Changes in background images (person vs. object)
Using merge tags to put a user's name in a headline vs a static headline
Action oriented CTA’s vs passive CTA’s (example: “Start Today” vs. “Start”)
Testimonials vs no testimonial
Location of the CTA (above the fold vs. below the fold)

How to A/B test your Landing page:

In the landing page editor, at the top right of your dashboard click on 'A/B Test'. 

This creates an exact duplicate of your current page, you can then edit it with the feature you want to test. 

You can view the 'Original' by clicking 'Variation #1' at the top right of the editor. 

In this example we're going to test removing the countdown timer. Once edited save any changes made. 


Variation #1

Once the campaign is published, in the campaign's dashboard you will be able to view data for the pages and their results. This includes the conversion Rate, Improvement percentage and Probability of Winning.

Once you start seeing results click on the cog icon, you can delete, pause or select the winning landing page for your campaign based on the data you've collected. 

Once you start running your campaign and have a winning landing page, select the 'Winner' and the losing page will be paused.  

Once you've selected a winner you can delete the losing page, and if you like even run another A/B test with the winner and a new variation.
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