Wishpond customer success team can troubleshoot some of the problems related to your email delivery from email headers and source code hidden under your email. 

To briefly explain what email headers are, the header is a section of code hidden behind the visible part of the email (email address, subject line, email content) that contains information about where the email came from (sender) and how the message reached its destination (recipient).

Instructions for locating headers in different email providers: 

Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail:
Microsoft Outlook 

The email header will look something this.

If you are still experiencing difficulties with the email delivery when there is no problem within your conditions and the contents, please send your header code to our customer success team so that we can investigate what the cause is. Most email providers will allow you to download the headers as a source code. If not, you can copy and paste the code of the header, and save it as a text file and forward this code to our customer success team (support@wishpond.com) for further investigation.
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