There are two ways to export leads to external CRM platforms like Salesforce--one time export from campaigns report tab, and also continuous export using automation workflows. 

In this article, we will examine the one time export method.

Step 1: Click on the campaign you want to export leads from
Step 2: Click on “Export Leads” on the left
Step 3: From drop down menu select “Integrated Apps”

If you are passing leads through as a Salesforce Contact, you must ensure that all leads have the lead property “Last Name”. If you are passing leads from Wishpond as a Salesforce Lead, you must ensure that all leads have both the “Last Name” property as well as a “Company” field. Also keep in mind that you MUST have API connection on both Wishpond and Salesforce account. Finally, you MUST have access/edit permission for both contacts and leads tab.

Step 4: Select Salesforce from the list of options. Then Press "Connect with Salesforce"

Step 5: Name your integration

Step 6: Click “Connect”

Step 7: Login to Salesforce

Step 8: Choose to export Salesforce Contacts or Salesforce Leads

Step 9: Map your fields

Step 10: Press Export.

Done! Depending on the size of the list, the export can take up to 15 min.
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