Here are the instructions on how to send a welcome email to anyone who converts on one of your popups:

Click “Email Automation” from the top of your navigation bar

2) Click “Automation Workflow” underneath “Create a New”

3) Under Choose a Workflow, click “Welcome Email”

4) Select your form campaign from the drop down menu

5) Press “Save”

6) Scroll down to the Actions section and click “Create New Email”

7) Fill out your name, subject line, and from email address and click "Next"

Select one of the templates and click "Next".

9) Compose your email and edit it the way you want it.

10) At the bottom of all emails there is an "Unsubscribe" link. You can change move it or insert it other places through the "Merge Tags" button from the text editor.

11) Click "Finish".

12) Select “Send Automatically” from the drop down menu

11) Click “Launch Workflow”

You have now set up a welcome email that will be sent to every user who converts on your campaign!
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