Internal emails are used to send notifications to internal staff when leads meet a specific set of conditions in an Automation Workflow.

Examples of Internal Emails are:

Emails notifying of a new lead
Emails forwarding contact information from contest participants
Emails Alerting when users have completed a specific workflow

How to create an Internal Email:

Go to the 'Automation' tab and click on 'Email automation Workflow'

2) Click on "Standard Workflow"

 3) Add conditions depending on your purposes

For example, choose the 'campaign' option to send an internal email when someone converts on a campaign.

 5) Now scroll down to the Action section of the workflow and click on 'More', then click on 'Send Internal Email'.

6) You can select a pre-existing email (if there is one that was created earlier), or create a new one by clicking on the Create New Email option

7) You can insert merge tags to pass whatever information to be included in the email. If you are unsure what merge tags are, refer to this article.

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