You've set up your Google AdWords account and now it's time to start creating your Ad. 

Your first campaign

First choose your budget, select how much you want to spend per day

AdsWords is priced on a per day basis and here you will set how much you'd like to spend on the ad. There are a few price structures but the main is Pay-Per-Click (PPC). This sets your ad spend based on the number of clicks your ad gets. Another common one is Maximum Cost-Per-Click (Max. CPC bid). This sets the maximum you are willing to pay for one click.

Next choose your target audience

You will want to know the demographics you're targeting and how narrow your audience is. You can select the specific location of the audience you want to target, the networks (including Search or Display networks), and the keywords

These are all important as they will narrow down who sees your Ad, the more specific location your choose the lower your cost will be 

Choosing the keywords are the most important aspect of the ad as they will tell Google when to show your Ad. 

It is recommended to use between 15 - 20 keywords per Ad, and Google's Keyword Planner for extra help in choosing them. 

You will then be asked to set your bid. Based on your budget AdWords automatically sets your bids to help get as many clicks within your budget however if you want to set your own strategy you can choose to do this manually.

Lastly write your ad

You can make as many Ads as you want which are made up of a

Headline - shows up first in blue on your search ad, with a maximum character length of 25.

Description line 1 - The first line (After the display URL) in side ads, including a CTA or a unique selling point here is optimal.

Description line 2 - Displays next, it's best to include a top keyword, and unique compelling CTA

Display URL - Can choose the website address that appears on the ad.

Destination URL - The exact link that people will click through to. You can include tracking codes on this link which won't display on the ad copy. 

I've included an example here in which you can view how the different components display once the ad has been created

In the above add the Destination URL was actually:

This has been a brief overview of the different components to creating your ad however our team of marketers have also created a more in-depth article so be sure to check it out here:

How do I make a Google Ad Campaign 
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