Merge tags are used to dynamically pull information you know about your user into emails, landing pages, and social promotions. By placing the merge tag {{ first_name }} inside of an email, Wishpond will replace the text {{ first_name }} with a user's first name if you have that information on Wishpond as a global lead property. Please be aware that when the field is not set as global lead property, you are not going to be able to use the field as merge tags as well.  

Merge tags can be inserted on any text area.

When you click on the merge tag button, it will give you options for all the merge tags you can insert. 

Choose the merge tag that you would like to insert. In this case I have clicked "first name." 

Now, try sending a test email to yourself. Make sure you are populating merge tags with the lead properties of a lead. If this is not set, then your merge tag may appear as blank. 

There, "test" has replaced the merge tags for {{ }} in the test email.

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