You can easily create a workflow that targets users who have dropped out from your purchase page without doing any transaction by using the abandon cart workflow. 

First go to email automation tab and select email automation

Click Cart Abandonment template

Now enter the URL of the purchase page (cart page) and also purchase confirmation page on the conditions. These two conditions are ways for us to determine that a user has abandoned cart without making a purchase.

One important thing to note when you insert the url on the workflow, is that your page has the Wishpond tracking code to track the views. If you have ever installed a popup on your website, your website will already have the tracking code. Otherwise you can click tracking code tab from the top right of the editor and follow the instructions.

You can check your tracking code has been installed properly by entering your website url.

Going back to your workflow, choose what email you would like to send to those users who did not make a purchase

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