To change the color of your background, hover over the background and the “Edit Page Background Style” tab will appear in the top left hand corner of the editor. 

Click on that tab and the background editor will appear.

Once you’re in the editor, change the background color by clicking on the color present under, “Background Color.”

Then, a color box will appear and you can choose any of the colors there.

You can even add your own color’s hex code in the box right above the, “Save” button.

Once you’re done choosing the color you want for your background, press the green “Save” button.

And there you go! You’ve changed the background color of your sweepstakes.

Now, if you want to change the background of your Sweepstakes to an image instead of a color, click the same tab in the right hand corner of the editor that appears while hovering over the background.

The background editor will then pop up.

First, press the red “Remove” button below the word “Image.”

You will then have the option to insert your own image. Do so by either dragging & dropping from your computer or selecting the green “Upload file” button to access your computer files.

After you upload your background image, it will appear in the background.

You will then have the option to edit the background image size, position, and how the image appears in the background.

These options are all available on the right hand side of the popup background editor.

After you’re done adjusting the image specifications, press “Save.”

What's the optimal size of the images? 

All images will be responsive, so the size of the images will automatically adjust based on the screen size. The obtain optimal resolution, banner images need to be in the proportion of 1920 x 1280.

You can also open browser console to see the rough size of the image containers. On Chrome, this would be mouse right click > Inspect. Use the toggle on elements tab to view size of each element. In this case this particular container has proportion of 813 x 301. 

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