First you need to create a Popup campaign and add your Terms and Conditions in it.

Regular Popup campaigns have a small content area so if you have only a short list of terms and conditions or you want to use a smaller font size for it and do not want a big page of terms, you can use the regular Popup campaign. Otherwise if you want a bigger content space to add more terms and conditions, more like a full page thing, then you can select the Welcome Mat campaign type. Both these campaign types can be accessed by clicking on View More in the Campaigns tab.

You can select either a blank template if you want to keep it simple, just black text on a white background, or you can select any other template as per your needs.

I will select a Blank template for this article.

Then you can add your Terms and Conditions text and make any other design changes as needed.

Then click on Next and click on More Display Options:

Click on the 'Show when visitors' drop down option and select the 'Click a Link' option.

You will get a code. Copy this code and keep this handy in a Notepad. We will need to add this to the landing page later. After that click on Publish.

Now you can exit the Popup editor and then go to the Landing Page editor.

You can add a checkbox to the Form in the Landing Page.

Click on Edit Form and then click on Add Field.

In the Add Field box, click on the blue + icon and then click on the green pen icon.

Then select the Check box field type. Set a Field Name and make sure the Create New Lead Property option is enabled.

Select the checkbox that was added, click on the Field Text option in the toolbar and then click on Checkbox Label. Delete the label text.

Select the checkbox again and then use the sliders to reduce its width.

Now click on the + icon in the editor, drag and drop a HTML object right beside this checkbox in the form.

Now edit the HTML object, delete its content and then copy paste the Popup code that was copied to notepad.

The code will be something like this:
<a href='#wp_popup_2527543' type='popup'>YOUR TEXT HERE</a>

In this code, replace the YOUR TEXT HERE part with your own text for the link. You can set it as Terms and Conditions. Before the code you can type in:
I have read

So the final code in the HTML object will be like this:

Now you can click on Save. Then you can align the HTML object with the checkbox field so that it looks like this:

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