First, within your Contest editor please navigate to the upper right corner to “Edit JS and CSS”

The JS and CSS editor will appear.

Since we’ll need to add Javascript please click on the “Javascript” tab and add the script tags (including opening and closing tags) to your JS editor like this:

Navigate to the lower right corner and click on “Save”

Next, I’ll go ahead and add the html part of the tracking pixel. I’ll need to add that to the post sign up page since for the purpose of this article I will be tracking conversions (so it’s important that the html part of the tracking pixel will be embedded on the Thank You page).

First, hover over the form within your Contest editor until a popup appears above the form like this:

Navigate to where it says “Participated” and click

You will next see the Post Sign up page - in this template it says “You’re in!” by default. Click on the text and the Text Editor will appear.

Next, I’ll navigate to the “Source Tab”.

The html editor will appear which will allow us to add the “<nonscript>” tags (including the closing tags) like this:

Click “Save”
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