Wishpond's bonus entry contest provides the following social media buttons as options for bonus entry: Email, Instagram follow, Pinterest Follow, Youtube Subscribe, Twitter Follow, Twitter Tweet, and Refer-a-Friend. 

Facebook like, shares, follows are not available, due to Facebook's Like-gating policy. Please refer to this link from Facebook for more information. 

But you can add non-wishpond buttons like LinkedIn Follow as an option for bonus entry. This will be a topic for advanced users, so you need to have some understanding of how html, css and javascript works in order to proceed. 

First of all, you need the code for the buttons that you are going to use. The codes must be in HTML/CSS format, which allows you to make customization. The following is a sample code from CodePen for a LinkedIn Follow button. Copy and paste the html of the button to the editor. 

Customize the href part of the html code to the url of your LinkedIn Page.  

Then add CSS code to the Custom CSS panel on the css editor.

Next, you need to set up Javascript codes that creates custom event for bonus entry when someone clicks the button. The code for that can be found here. The following Jquery code will be inserted based on the tracker event: 

$( "#wLinkedIn" ).click(function() {
   Wishpond.Tracker.track('Linkedin Follow Complete');

 The selector needs to be changed according to the div id of your code (It's not going to be called wLinkedIn on yours). This code will be added to Custom JS section of your editor. 

 When you click on the button on the live page, it will immediately create a custom event called "LinkedIn Follow Complete."

Finally, you can use a workflow to set how many bonus points are awarded. 

Your condition will be More > Custom Event > LinkedIn Follow Exist

And your action is going to be More > Award Bonus Entry > Your campaign

When you are done, Launch your workflow.
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