We made it easier for you to add Analytics/Tracking to your campaigns.

Simply go to your landing page editor, and click on Settings -> Analytics/Tracking Code

Then paste your tracking ID or Tag into the indicated field.

Google Analytics ID can be found in the admin of your account under 'Tracking Code'

For Facebook, please copy and paste the entire code given for the pixel.

Mixpanel customers can have multiple projects. Each project has its own unique routing number, which we call a project token. Whenever you want to send data to a specific project, you'll need to specify the project token so we know where to put the data.

There are two places you can find your Mixpanel Token within Mixpanel. Click your name in the upper righthand corner of your Mixpanel project and select Project settings to see your project token for only the project you’re currently viewing:

Or to see the project tokens for all your projects, click Account and Projects.

Click on Save and publish your page.
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