In this article let me show you how to Add a CNAME to Your Godaddy Hosted Domain

First, you need to access the DNS settings from your Godaddy Account. You can also follow this article from Godaddy.

From DNS management, you need to add a CNAME record to point your subdomain to If you would like to learn more about CNAME record, you can also refer to this article from Wishpond.

"www" is a subdomain that was used as an example in this case, but any other subdomain names can be used. Please make sure there are no duplicating records with the same name. You will encounter an error saving the record if there are duplicates.

Go to Wishpond, and publish your campaign on Custom domain. Make sure your URL is exactly matching. If the url recorded on DNS side and Wishpond is not matching, this will not work (path name can be different, but subdomain must be exactly the same). Finally, DNS propagation can take up to 48 hours. If your page fails to sync after 48 hours, please contact for help.

Note on SSL

Starting February 2018, Wishpond has started to provide SSL for publishing the Wishpond on https for custom domains. 

The way you do this is identical to how you would publish your campaign on custom domain via CNAME record change. From your DNS CNAME record section, add a record that points your chosen subdomain to "****" instead of "" or ""

If you encounter problems with the SSL certificate failing with an error that says "certificate not trusted" or a similar message, make sure that you have added in the CAA DNS record for your top level domain. For information on how to add the CAA DNS record, please see
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