You've designed your landing and now you're ready to make it live. 

Wishpond makes it easy for you to get your campaign up and running. To start first click 'Publish' in the top right corner of your landing page editor. 

Initially your landing page will automatically be published to a Wishpond Subdomain.  Follow the link to view your live landing page, it's now up and running on a webpage.

If you would like to customize the url, click 'edit publishing options' then click edit under the Wishpond url.

You can set up the subdomain to anything you want.

Each account is given 1 subdomain, however, you can make unlimited pages just the same.
Here is an example. is the url of my test landing page
If you make another contest or landing page, once you choose to use the Wishpond subdomain, the will remain, however, you will then have to change what comes after that '/' for the contest. For a bake sale, I would probably do just so you understand.
Please Note: If you change the subdomain for one campaign, it will change across all live campaigns.

While the Wishpond subdomain is limited to only one per Wishpond account, if you wish to use multiple subdomains, you are able to publish using cname on your own domain.
See here for details.  
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