You can choose as many winners you wish for your Sweepstakes. In most cases, business are giving away only one grand prize but it’s totally fine if you wish to award multiple people.

Let me show you how you can select multiple winners once a Sweepstakes has ended.

Navigate to the Sweepstakes that is over and click on its title

2) Next, you will see a “Select a Winner” button in the left side panel

3) Once clicked the system will generate a winner for you like this:

4) You now have the option to select a new winner by clicking on the refresh symbol.

5) You can now click on the refresh symbol again. Please note though, that you’ll want to write down the winner the system just picked. You will not see the lead again once you hit the refresh button. I’ll click on the refresh button and I have a new random email address that was generated by our system.

I can click on the refresh button as many times I wish to generate multiple winners. It’s just really important that you write down each time the email address since you won’t be able to see a full list of the winners.
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