All Wishpond plans are subject to a number of leads that they’re allowed to use within their account at any given time. This is what we refer to as our lead limit. If you surpass your lead limit, all of your campaigns continue to collect leads as they usually would, the only difference is that you won’t have access to the leads over your lead limit.

For example, say you're on the free plan which has access to 200 leads. If you collect 220 leads, all of your campaigns will remain active and will continue to collect leads, but you won’t be able to see detaisl for the 20 leads which surpassed your lead limit. You also won’t be able to send newsletters to those 20 people or include them in automation workflows.

If you exceed your lead limit we will prompt you to upgrade, but it won’t be mandatory unless you want access to those additional leads. In the case that there is a newsletter or automation workflow set up, emails for those additional leads will be cued until an upgrade takes place at which time those emails will be sent out.
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