CSS allow you to change the design and layout of your campaign.

Go to the CSS tab in the campaign editor

Use the default CSS we provide you to edit. Once you click "View default CSS..." you can copy and paste the code into your CSS box to edit.

This is the code you copy and paste into your CSS:

Here are some common codes you may be looking for:

Add CSS as shown below starting with the class or ID: "." or "#"

(make sure to add !important to your CSS code if it is not taking, i.e. .container {display:none !important;}

Contests that have voting (Photo contest, Video contest etc.):

Hide number of votes per entry:

.total_votes {display:none}

Vote Contest:

Hide vote options:

.vote.btn.btn-mini {

display: none;


Hide number of votes for Vote options:

.num_participants .count {



Entry Form:

Hide the number of entries:

.num_participants {display:none}

Hide the countdown clock above the entry form:

#timer_section {

display: none;

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