The best way to restart your contest is to have it start from scratch.

If you simply change the start and end time of your campaign it will have the same analytics and participants collected from before and just relaunch live, and you would need to refresh the stats before you continue.

To make that campaign restart without the same analytics and participants already collected, follow these steps.

In your campaigns dashboard click the cog icon to the right of the contest
Choose 'Duplicate contest' from the dropdown menu options.
Once duplicated, you will then be able to edit the contest and chose the new start and end date.

If you do not mind having the original stats, or if you simply wish to extend your current campaign for a few more days, you can simply adjust timer on the settings page of your contest. Please note that bonus entry contest and the leaderboard contest does not have a timer that marks the contest as finished, so this only applies to other types of contest like photo contest, Instagram contest, video contest, sweepstake contest, and etc.

From the same cog icon, click "edit," and choose "next" at the bottom of the campaign design page to proceed to the campaign settings page. Now from the bottom of the settings page, readjust the contest schedule to restart your completed campaign. Finally, hit "publish" to make your changes live.
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