In order to to sync a Wishpond lead score to Saleforce, you’ll first need to create the field in Salesfoce, then ensure that you map that field correctly within Wishpond.

First, create a custom Wishpond property in Salesforce:

Navigate to Setup > Customize > Leads/Contacts > Fields (if you would like a Wishpond Score on both leads and contacts, you will need to create the field on each object).
Click “Settings” in the Salesforce section.
Click “New” in the Lead Custom Fields & Relationships section.
Choose the field type of Number and click “Next”.
Enter a field name (for example “Lead Score) - if you are creating a field on Leads and Contacts, be sure they have the same API Field Name.
Select the other details to customize the field to your liking and click Next.
Choose the Salesforce profiles that can see this field and click Next.
Add the field to your Page Layouts so you can see the mapped data on your records and click Save.

Now inside of Wishpond, import and match your form fields and choose the campaign you want to export from.

Click on the campaign you want to export leads from
Click on Export Leads” on the left
From drop down menu select “Integrated Apps”
Name your integration
Click “Connect”
Login to Salesforce
Choose to export Salesforce Contacts or Salesforce Leads
Select the Salesforce field name you just created (for example “Lead Score”) and match it with “Lead Score” on the Wishpond side
Press Export
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