In this artcile we will cover possible scenarios why your page does not appear on your domain.

"I've tried publishing it to my custom domain using CNAME, the URL is **** but even though it's pointing to Wishpond it's just showing the site's regular homepage. I added a subdomain "landingpage" that points to ******. No information from the landing page is showing at all though, none of the text, just the existing homepage.**

How can I get my landing page onto my domain? When I publish it using Wishpond's domain, it appears correctly."

This can be a tricky one. First, I would recommend to check if there is an existing A record in your DNS settings. Since you are only supposed to add a CNAME record (and no A records) you might not think of removing the A record first. It might be saying that all subdomains that aren't listed point to the website server's ip address. The means that any subdomain will take you to your website / homepage.

Once you delete the A name record you will be able to use the added CNAME record instead.
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