Google penalizes intrusive popups on mobile devices that doesn't give mobile users the freedom not to see the popups. "Click popup" is the only trigger type of the popup that is an exception to this new guideline set by Google. You can visit this page to find out more information about this guideline: 

Therefore, to avoid any negative influence on your SEO rank while using a popup, you need to do the following:

A. Check "Hide on mobile devices" from popup publishing wizard to disable the display of the popup on mobile devices (recommended)
B. Or use click popup as your trigger type

You can follow these steps to access this setting:

Edit the Popup campaign
Click on Display Options
Click on More Display Options
To hide the Popup on mobile devices, check the option "Hide on mobile devices"
To use Click Popup as the Popup Trigger, click on the drop down beside "Show when visitors" and select the option "Click a link" or "Trigger Javascript"
The "Click a link" option will provide a HTML code that can be added to the page and the link text can be customized. Clicking on this link will trigger the Popup
The "Trigger Javascript" option will provide two Javascript codes, one for opening the Popup and another for closing it. The Open Popup code can be added to any button or image on the page. Clicking on the button/image will trigger the Popup.
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