In step 2 (Advanced Options):

Choose that you want your campaign to appear on "My Facebook Page"
Connect to your personal page and we will generate the Facebook pages you are admin on
Choose the page you want your campaign on (you might need to hit the "Refresh" button for it to populate)

Next you choose your entry method

If you choose "Require Email Address" there are no pop ups asking to allow Wishpond
If you choose"Require Email Address & Facebook Connect" there will be two pop ups asking to allow Wishpond to collect Facebook Open graph Analytics and to Auto-post that they entered your campaign.

For "Entry Method" we highly suggest: "Require Email Address & Facebook Connect"

more secure (need a Facebook Account to Enter)
acquire insightful analytics about your participants (First name, last name, age, gender, city, country and pages they "Like" on Facebook)

Like-to-see Fan-Gating

This requires people to like your page before they enter
You can upload your own custom image (800px by 1000px)
You can choose to use the default image

Custom Like-to-See Image:

Default Like-to-See Image:

Then fill out the rest of the standard information for your campaign and click "next" at the bottom to save and publish.

It will automatically post into a tab on your Facebook page. To customize your tab image and title watch this:
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