You can export your leads from multiple locations on the Wishpond editor as a CSV file (excel file) or export the leads directly into one of your integrated apps.  

First I’ll explain how to export leads as a CSV file from the main leads tab. The leads tab is the second tab on the top left corner, and it's your main database that contains all your cumulated leads. 

To export all your leads, simply click "export leads" button on the top right, and choose CSV file or your integrated apps. 

When you export your leads, make sure you check all the fields you would like to display on your CSV file (email, first name, last name, etc).

If you export your leads from a list, or from a campaign dashboard, it's only going to export leads who are part of that list or the campaign.

Your exported files will be sent to your email (the email that you have used to sign up for Wishpond), so please check your inbox for the exported content.
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