In this article I’ll go over the quick steps on how to create a new form field within the landing page builder.

If you want to create a new form field you will need to first select the “form” object on your landing page in the editor. If you don’t yet have a form in your landing page you can drag and drop one in from the left side panel.

First, click on the form to edit it. This will open the form editor.

Click 'Add Field' to create a new form field.

Then click on the '+' to add a new form field.

You can choose from an existing form field or create a new one by clicking the lower right green button. Click on it and choose the type of field you want: Single Line Text, Paragraph Text, Checkbox, Multiple Choice, Drop Down or File Upload.

This will open the Create a new form field editor.
First, enter your field name (this will appear on the form field on your landing page). In this case I am using “Your Company Name”.

There is also a checkbox that reads ‘Make this Field a Lead Property”. Checking this box will make this form field a Lead Property that can be used as a condition in your Automaton Workflows and your Smart Lists.

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