To create a hashtag contest:

Look for Hashtag contest under General Contests & Promotions

2) Select “Instagram Hashtag Contest” from the menu

3) Edit the contest page by replacing your images and text

4) When you are finished customizing the contest page, press “Next”

5) Name your contest and connect with your Instagram account

6) Choose where the campaign will appear by selecting from the list of drop down options

7) Select your contest hashtag. Be advised that once you begin your campaign you cannot change the contest hashtag so choose wisely. You can of course always delete the campaign and start a new one with a different hashtag.

Choose your gallery settings. This is where you will configure the voting options if there will be any.

9) Choose the contest schedule. This is when the contest will be active and people will be allowed to participate.

10) Check off the Customize SEO and Share Message Settings box and fill out the headline, description, and thumbnail image. This is the default share message that users will see when they share your link on social media.

11) Press “Next” at the bottom of the page

You have successfully set up a Instagram Hashtag contest!
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