The Bonus Entries Sweepstakes campaign offers the ability to create Sweepstakes  with incentives for social shares. This added attraction helps draw more leads to the campaign.

The goal of the campaign is to get participants to share your campaign in different social networks and thereby reach more prospective leads.

The Bonus Entries Sweepstakes campaign editor works the same way as a Landing Page editor. It is the same drag-and-drop editor along with a variety of templates to easily build a bonus entry contest that’s on-brand.

In addition to that, there are social share buttons to add a variety of bonus actions to your contest. You can find a Bonus Actions icon in the + toolbar in the editor with a number of Bonus Actions that you can add and incentivize your campaign. Some of these will already be added in the page by default depending on the template you choose.

You can award bonus entries to entrants who complete bonus entry actions. You can assign custom point values to each bonus action. To do this, just click on the social button that you had added and a toolbar will appear with the option to Set Entries/Points.

The Referral Link option gives each entrant a unique referral link they can share. This is a powerful tool that can get you genuine leads and the ability to incentivize it makes it more appealing.

As your participants complete the bonus actions you will be able to view the number of points they have gained in the campaign dashboard.

At the end of our sweepstake in the left side panel you will also be able select the winner. 

Keep in mind that these winners would not be notified so you can select more than one by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the winner.

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