You've created your campaign and now it's time to set up Google Adwords to promote it. 

This guide will show you the steps on how to add this to your campaign. 

We are going to take the example of a Landing Page in this case that consists of two parts, a Main page and a Thank You page. The Google Adwords code needs to be added to both pages separately.

Main Page

Firstly, click on the '+' icon in the upper left side of the campaign editor and then drag and drop an HTML element into the body of the campaign:

Select the HTML element and click on 'Edit':

Now, simply copy paste the Google Adwords code into the HTML editor window and click 'Save'. 

Please note, you only need to paste the general Google Adwords code without the event code.

Thank You Page

Navigate to the Thank You page using the page selector drop down option in the Landing Page editor. The process of adding the Google Adwords code is exactly the same as in the Main Page. The only difference is that in the Thank You page, when adding the Google Adwords code in the HTML console, you need to add the general code first followed by the event code.

Once this is all done, simply click on the Publish button to publish the changes.

Note: We have noticed that the Google Adwords works best when the HTML element is placed at the bottom section of the page.
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