In this article, you'll learn how to add a link to a Wishpond email that applies a Discount Code to a customer's Shopify Cart.

This feature allows you to add a link to a Wishpond email that, when clicked by a customer, will automatically apply a Discount Code to their Cart at checkout. This allows your customers to use your Discount Code without having to manually type it in, which makes it much easier for them to use it. This, in turn, greatly increases conversion rates and total orders from the emails you send with Discount Codes.

Create a Discount Code
First, in Shopify, create a percentage discount code or a monetary discount code (depending on the type of discount you want to offer):

Add a Link with the Discount Code to your Email
You can add a link with a Discount Code to your email using the Shopify Coupon Code URL Special Link. This is special type of merge tag.

Watch this video to access the Shopify Coupon Code URL Special Link in the email editor:

How to use the Shopify Coupon Code URL
Here's what the Shopify Coupon Code URL looks like:
{% shopify_automation_coupon_url coupon_code:CODE redirect_path:/checkout %}

It contains 3 important elements:

Domain (appears as in the example above): This is your Shopify Store URL. It is automatically set for you, so you can leave it as is
Coupon Code (appears as coupon_code:CODE in the example above): This is where you enter your Shopify Discount Code. To do this, replace the word CODE with your Shopify Discount Code so it says coupon_code:your_discount_code
Redirect Page (appears as redirect_path:/checkout in the example above): This is the URL in your Shopify Store that customers are sent to when they click on the link in your email. To send customers to the Checkout Page, set it to redirect_path:/checkout. To send them to a page on your website, replace /checkout with the URL extension. For example, if you would like to send customers to a specific collection page, you would say redirect_path:/collections/mycollection

How Customers see and use the Discount Code in your Shopify Store
Customers will see the Discount Code applied to their cart when they reach the Checkout Page in your Shopify Store (see below). The Discount Code is automatically applied when they click the link in your email. To use the Discount Code, all they need to do is click the link and place their order.

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