Facebook ads and Google Adwords are commonly used to promote campaigns. 

Promoting campaigns can either be done through your own sources for example promoting on social media platforms and email however using ads is a faster way to drive more traffic to campaigns. 

Although you do pay for them it is a quicker way to bring more awareness to your campaigns. 

Facebook ads allows you to target your audience and you can do this as simple or advanced as you like.  Once you create your Ad you will receive a Facebook tracking pixel which you can add to your campaigns to track the ROI on it. Wishpond platform makes it easy to add this with our Analytics setting.

Google Adwords  is an alternative option to use and can be very effective. Like Facebook ads you can choose settings for your add including the particular device (desktop, mobile or tablets), location, language and your bid strategy and budget. 

Deciding which one to choose?
When considering which one to use keep in mind the goal of your campaign. Both ad platforms have their on unique benefits, Google Ads has a larger reach and can be useful when looking for immediate sales. Compare this to Facebook ads which are a great way to increase your brand awareness and lead generation. Also think of your audience and who you are trying to target when deciding which to choose.

Check out our infograph for some more information on benefits to each.
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